Finding Your Real Self Within

What You Think About, You Bring About!

The Mission of Manifest I AM is to Awaken You to Your Own Divine Presence of God, I AM Within You, So That You Can Manifest Your Divinity and the Highest Visions in Your Life.

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I Think; Therefore, I AM

-Rene Descartes

                                                                                                                                                                     Going Within


I AM the Light


For more than forty years, our founder, D. M. Foster, aka "Sista' Joy" has read, studied and practiced New Thought and New Age teachings along with the traditional teachings of Christianity and the Bible. Most importantly, she has been an independent Student of the 'I AM' and the Great Ascended Masters and their original 'I AM' Discourses since 1985.  


This transformational wisdom about the Beloved I AM changed her life by changing her beliefs about the Divine Presence of God within herself and all humanity. 


She strives to, now, share with you what she has learned in hopes that you, too, may overcome the false beliefs about yourself and your own Divinity that keeps you from achieving your greatness. 


Sista' Joy is the author of the popular book on Amazon,  How to Manifest Your Good, and a Renaissance Woman in politics, business, and the arts.


She made Illinois History as a County Commissioner, owned a successful furniture company and was a storyteller/musician for more than twenty years. She has served on numerous corporate and civic boards, worked for a US President, and been accorded local and national honors


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"Work is Love Made Visible"

Manifest I AM has many great visions to be manifested but the "journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." 


We will start our teaching sessions on the Great I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters, through our weekly podcast, Manifest I AM, which will air every Wednesday on Buzzsprout and other platforms once it has been launched.

Our show format will include these Sacred Teachings with Sista' Joy and guests. 


 In this series, we will listen to the wisdom gleaned from the study of I AM as well as other spiritual knowledge from Christian, New Thought, New Age and Metaphysical sources. Those tuning in are advised to keep their own counsel by turning within themselves to ponder and think over the truths that have been revealed.

Our recording will be available on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. Central Time and you can listen to the episodes on this site.

We hope you will tune in and become a Subscriber!  

Additionally, Sista' Joy will be teaching Personal Development and Spiritual Growth classes live on Zoom and through recordings on this site. We encourage you to take a class or two for personal and spiritual growth.   

Look for them. . .they will be coming soon!

Awaken to I AM, Your Divine Presence!

September 2, 2020 - 11:00 A.M. CDT

Awaken to I AM, Your Divine PresenceSista' Joy
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Wherever YOU are...I AM!

Wherever You Are...I AM

How To Manifest Your Good

This Inspirational Book of personal manifesting stories and metaphysical techniques shows you how to get into the "flow" of manifesting quickly!


Taking you on a magical adventure, Sista' Joy gives you clear and easy to understand examples of how to harness your own thoughts, feelings and spoken words to manifest your good by showing you how she did it. She challenges you to get in touch with yourself and your own Divinity and gives you the tools to do it with.


Also, she teaches you how to develop the power of your imagination with your 'I AM' and make it come 'alive' through your feeling nature. Small but action-packed, this little book will guide you in how to manifest your good not just for today, but for the rest of your life. Available on Kindle or Paperback at    


We receive a small commission each time you purchase on Amazon using our Affiliate Link here.  Thank You!

Meditating on Beach

The Only Way Out Is In

             -Junot Diaz 

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